What we do

Enabling Filmmakers
to go beyond.


Filmmaking can quickly turn out to be a complex affair. With virtual Production we help you visualize your story before you go for the take. From setting the tone and mood,defining an action sequence all the way to deciding the lens, camera , time of the day , we provide a platform for you to visualize and finalize every detail before going for the final take. 


Iterate and Reiterate

Contrary to traditional Filmmaking, in virtual production, any aspect of the scene can be tweaked virtually at any point during production. This gives unlimited freedom and control to the filmmaker to realize their vision during and even after the shoot. Aspects such as lighting, mood, tone, composition, time of the day and many more aspects of a scene can be tweaked and redefined endless times. It can even be altered in real time during the shoot process giving the filmmaker unprecedented control over his vision. Never will you have to wait for the right time of the day for that perfect frame.

Edit and redefine and at any point

Every information and data from the shoot is recorded and stored for Post Processing. This means that one can go back and completely change the elements of a take even after the shot is done. The flexibility to replay and remix takes and sequences gives the editor the complete freedom to define the flow of the story or even add shots to the sequence.


One Pipeline, infinite possibilities

One of the major advantages of Virtual Production is that the content created at previz during production can be taken all the way till the final Pixel. This means that everything from Previz to Post Production shares the same assets and resources cutting down the cost of production and time. 

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