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Here are the answers to some of the queries that we get asked regularly...

Virtual production easily combines physical and virtual objects using a series of software tools. Studios can make a film on stage and watch visual graphics together in real time. Changing Sets is as easy as exchanging backgrounds. Directors, actors, and other participants can see the film's final assets and make immediate changes.

Virtual Production enables everyone in the filmmaking process to collaborate in real-time from across multiple locations. As this happens, traditional distinctions between pre production, production, and post-production processes are further breaking down and being fused into a single, dynamic , end-to-end process. These changes require new workflows and new production management tools.

In-camera VFX is a type of virtual production that combines real actors and physical sets with photorealistic virtual backdrops displayed on LED walls, allowing content creators to capture extremely high-quality shots in-camera and on-set. This method helps reduce, or eliminate, the need for post-production visual effects (VFX) in the delivery of a final product.

Holocraft is a chennai based virtual production and Real-time Animation company that primarily focuses on creating real-time animated and virtual production content. We provide service such as virtual production, real-time production, motion capture, 3D content creation, previsualization and consultation.

Real-Time Production is the process of producing animated content entirely using game engine technology in real-time. Real-time Production makes use of the virtual production pipeline to carry out the traditional production process of shoot, lighting, edit etc all in Real-time in virtual environments. This helps the crew to visualize the entire production virtually in Real-time as it is being shot .Real-time production also cuts down the rendering time to just a fraction of that of an offline renderer giving you more time to iterate and produce content at a faster rate.

Motion Capture is the process of capturing and recording movements of objects or a person using body suit sensors or cameras. The process is carried out using Motion Capture bodysuits and/or optical trackers that track the movement of the subject. Holocraft provides access to high quality motion capture equipment and pipelines to speed up your production.

Virtual Scouting lets filmmakers to navigate and interact in Virtual Production environments, that helps them to make better decisions.