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Virtual Production Services and Consulting

What we do

The Holocraft specializes in Virtual Production, Green Screen and LED in-camera VFX, Tracking Hardware and Consulting.


The Holocraft uses the industry leading Unreal Engine to provide real-time content and Virtual Production services.

We at HoloCraft believe that the future of make-believe is where realtime technology meets life-like visuals. We are a team of creative designers and developers specializing in the domain of Virtual Production. We have been a part of many firsts and some notable projects across the Indian industry along the spectrum of virtual production and real-time content creation.
Combined with years of experience crafting immersive real-time solutions and technological edge from different domains, we have come together to create engaging visual experiences accelerated by realtime technology that we believe will push the creative industry forward.

Virtual Production Hardware Solutions

We provide solutions for all Virtual Production requirements from LED panels and In- Camera VFX to Virtual Production configured Workstations, Real-time Camera Trackers, Lens Encoders and more.

Realtime On-Set production

Real-time On-Set Production uses real-time camera and feature tracking data to provide live, in-camera composite image when shooting green screen. Using Green screen setups or LED walls, transport the cast and crew to any backdrop or location imaginable. Using realtime In-Camera VFX, alter and manipulate any and all aspects of the virtual world live from the comfort of studio setup.

Realtime Content Creation

The advancements seen in game engine technology and modern GPU architecture has paved the way for photorealistic visuals to be rendered in real time. Real time Content gives us high quality output at faster turnaround time, which in turn allows more iterations. Visualize , iterate and refine assets in real time without being constrained by render time.

Realtime Performance Capture

Animate Photorealistic Digital models in realtime with Real-time Motion Capture. Capture and transfer the actor’s facial expressions in Realtime to a digital human replica of the original via Performance Capture. Using Motion Capture suits with sensors and depth cameras, even the most complex of animations can be captured in real-time, cutting down weeks of manual animation time.

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